Our perception of movement and events feel very real and concrete to ourselves. But Einstein had a different theory about the relationship between time and space. Our perception of objects over time are not as objective as we may think.
According to the theory of relativity, relation in space and time can be manipulated; hence there is no such thing as a true or absolute perspective. People move at different speeds while the speed of light (which carries visual information to our senses) is constant. To obey the laws of physics, relation of objects in spacetime is warped and skewed depending on the viewer. 
To explore this distortion of spacetime, I captured video footage of a red kite and manipulated, mapped out, and connected its movement. Through visuals and short explanations on the theory of relativity, Relation explores the complex relationship between time and space. 
The finished book. 21 Words + Works
The Process
I knew that if I were to unpack the complexity behind the Theory of Relativity, and manipulate images I would need to to use simple imagery. I chose to film the kite on the beach to capture the cleanest picture with minimal distractions. 
I shot the kite from different angles and had the kite go through as many different types of motion as possible (floating up, falling down, carried by the wind, being walked across the beach etc.)
Finished Product
Video Frames on the kite displayed in cut out strips. Inspired by "600 Black Spots" by David A. Carter
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